A Unique Militiaman民兵葛二蛋 ~ Chinese Movies&TV


The story took place during the year 1943-1945. In Xiaojie Town and Tawan Village, there were Ge Erdan, who was straightforward and bold in action, and Maizi, who was selfish and good at scheming. They used to be good friends and shared a bitter hatred of the enemy in wars. They fight in the same battlefield but had different experiences after that. Ge Erdan went to Tawan Village, after which he was enlightened by the Eighth Route Army and enhanced his patriotic feelings instead of personal hatred. He became a good militiaman at last. Maizi joined the army but became a traitor because of the temptation of the power and money. Maizi took advantage of Ge Erdan to attack the anti-Japanese power. Ge Erdan improved himself in wars and saw through Maizi’s trick. He took advantage of the conflicts between the enemies, and fulfilled the task of the Party. Finally he turned from a militiaman into a qualified soldier of the Eighth Route Army.
key words
民兵mín bīnɡ :militia
侠肝义胆xiá ɡān yì dǎn:chivalous and fearless
八路军bá lù jūn:the Eighth Route Army

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