Chapter 125 ~~ Juedai Shuangjiao/ Legendary Siblings / Handsome Siblings / The Proud Twins


The Legendary Siblings Chapter 125

The white clouds floated by.

Su Ying collapsed under the tree, looking at the floating clouds in a daze, her tears dried up long ago. Because her life and soul, her lover and husband, is now among the clouds, fighting a duel to the death with someone else. But she does not even know the outcome of this duel. Did Xiao Yu’er win? Or lose? Alive? Or dead?…Su Ying rubbed her eyes and told herself, “Why should I be concerned about him? Who is he to me?”

She wanted to stand up, to pick herself up, but not only is her heart shattered, her whole body seems to be shattered as well, so how can she stand up.

Suddenly, heart-rending sobs can be heard from behind the tree, as if someone has collapsed at the other side of the tree. The tree is as wide as three people holding hands around it, so she did not realize that Su Ying is behind the tree.

But Su Ying could tell that she is Tie Xin Lan, and was thinking, “Why has Tie Xin Lan come here? Why is she so sad? Could it be that the duel is over, could it be that either Xiao Yu’er or Hua Wu Que is dead? But, who died?”

Su Ying struggled to get up and went around.

Tie Xin Lan was startled, and asked hoarsely, “You’re here as well?”

Su Ying grabbed her arms tightly and asked, “He… he’s dead?” Tie Xin Lan quietly nodded her head, and cried bitterly again. Su Ying only felt giddiness, and her whole body almost collapsed. Before she even fell to the ground, she has started wailing.

Both of them sat under the tree facing each other, crying. After a long time spent crying, Tie Xin Lan suddenly asked, “Xiao Yu’er is not dead, why are you crying?”

Su Ying was stunned, and she wiped her tears, “Xiao Yu’er is not dead? Is Hua Wu Que the one who died?”

Tie Xin Lan replied, “Mmm.”

Su Ying was surprised and ecstatic, but suddenly raised her voice, “I don’t believe it, Xiao Yu’er will never kill Hua Wu Que.”

Tie Xin Lan replied, “It’s not him who killed Hua Wu Que, but Hua Wu Que killed himself.”

Su Ying asked, “He killed himself? Why?” Tie Xin Lan’s lips are already bloody from her chewing on it, and she stammered, “Because… because I begged him not to kill Xiao Yu’er. Since he promised me, he can only die himself…”

Su Ying opened her eyes wide in shock and stared, as if she has never seen someone like her. After a long moment, she said each word clearly, “You obviously know that Hua Wu Que will die, yet you’re still begging him not to kill Xiao Yu’er?”

Tie Xin Lan’s body seemed constricted, and she gritted her teeth in pain.

Su Ying continued, “Hua Wu Que obviously knows this, but he still promised you?”

Tie Xin Lan’s pained eyes revealed a trace of tenderness and said, “He is the greatest person on earth.”

Su Ying asked, “But for Xiao Yu’er, you’re willing to let such a great man die? I did not expect that your feelings for Xiao Yu’er would be so deep…”

Tie Xin Lan suddenly shouted, “But the one I truly love is not Xiao Yu’er.”

Su Ying asked, “It’s not Xiao Yu’er, then is it Hua Wu Que?”

Tie Xin Lan wept, “That’s right, I… I love him, totally love him. You’ll never understand how deeply I love him now, no one knows how deeply I love him.”

Su Ying exclaimed, “But you want him to die!”

Tie Xin Lan covered her face and sobbed, “That’s right, because I am determined to die with him.”

Su Ying looked at Tie Xin Lan, shocked as well. After a moment, she heaved a long sigh, “Why are you doing this?”

Tie Xin Lan replied with a cry, “Because I’ve fallen in love with Hua Wu Que, Hua Wu Que has also fallen in love with me. I feel that we cannot let Xiao Yu’er down, so we can only die… only with death can we repay him.”

Su Ying heaved a long sigh, “I still do not understand. Even though I am a woman as well, I still do not understand your intentions, no wonder men say that a woman’s heart is difficult to grasp…” Suddenly she saw Tie Xin Lan’s body convulsing and her whole body rolled into a ball.

Su Ying cried hoarsely, “What’s wrong with you?”

Tie Xin Lan shut her eyes tightly, her face full of pain, but the corners of her mouth curved up into a slight smile. This smile is actually filled with happiness and bliss. She said each word clearly, “Now that he is dead, I’m going to die too. We’ll be reunited immediately. All the ugly, cruel, painful things in the world, will never be able to hurt us again.”

Su Ying held her hands and said, “Nonsense, you won’t die.”

Tie Xin Lan said with a sad smile, “I’ve already taken the most venomous poison in the world, I will surely die.”

Now, Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que have fought for more than 700 stances. Their martial arts are like the water flowing in the river that keeps on flowing, never ending. Strange and wonderful strokes kept on appearing, no one dared to blink an eye, it was extraordinary! But this battle is obviously coming to an end. It doesn’t mean that they have used up their internal energy, but because they have no wish to continue the fight.

They’re like a pair of peacocks, who have opened their beautiful tail feathers. Now, they can die with no regrets!

Xiao Nu Shi can’t help but shake her head and sighed, “A pity, oh pity! These two kids are geniuses who are rarely seen in the martial arts realm for a hundred years, it’s be a pity no matter which one died.”

Mi Shi Ba can’t help but sigh and nod, “This is called fate makes fun of men…fate makes fun of men…”

The others felt the same way as them too, even Yan Nan Tian can’t help but felt admiration and pity for Hua Wu Que. Of course he hopes that Xiao Yu’er will win, but he did not wish to see a youth like Hua Wu Que die so horribly. But he did not know that neither of them would be able to live.

Only Princess Lian Xing knows this secret. On her pale yet beautiful face, she can’t help but reveal an overwrought expression. She mumbled in her heart, “How can I let these two people die? Hua Wu Que is a child that I brought up, Xiao Yu’er not only saved my life, but my reputation, how can I watch these two people die in front of me!”

She suddenly dashed out. In that instant, she has totally forgotten the hatred she had for the last twenty years, and only felt hot blood coursing through her, unable to control herself.

She can’t help but yelled, “Stop, I have something to say.” But a pity her voice is hoarse, and everyone was captivated by this mind-shattering duel, and no one noticed what she was trying to say.

But Princess Yao Yue noticed her. As soon as she spoke, Princess Yao Yue has flown towards her, and fast as lightning, grabbed her arms and sealed her acupoints. She asked fiercely, “What do you have to say?”

Princess Lian Xing weeped, “Sister, it happened twenty years ago, it’s been so long. Jiang Feng and his wife may have let you down, but… but now even their bodies have turned into ashes. Sister, you… why must you continue hating them?”

“You want to spare them?” Princess Yao Yue’s face became so pale that it’s transparent again, and said “Are you going to reveal their secret now?”

Princess Lian Xing said, “I only want to…” She suddenly noticed Princess Yao Yue’s expression and can’t help but shivered. Princess Yao Yue said each word clearly, “Ever since you were seven years old, you’d love to create mischief for me. No matter what I like, you would want to fight with me for it, no matter what I want to do, you would think of a way to create trouble!” Her face became more and more transparent, looking like ice that has been covered by winter’s fog.

Princess Lian Xing’s expression changed as well, and stammered, “You… don’t you forget, I am still your sister.” She quickly turned around, thinking of using the opportunity to shake off Princess Yao Yue’s hand, but by now there is a horrible force of coldness coming out from Princess Yao Yue’s palms, going right into her heart.

Princess Lian Xing asked in shock, “You’re crazy, what are you trying to do?”

Princess Yao Yue said each word slowly, “I am not crazy, it’s just that I’ve waited twenty years for today, I will not let anyone destroy it, not even you…”

With every word that she spoke, the coldness in Princess Lian Xing’s body increased and by the time she finished her sentence, Princess Lian Xing’s body is almost hardened. She only felt as if she has been dunked in an icy lake naked, and the water surrounding her is slowly turning into ice. She wanted to struggle, but she has no more strength.

Princess Yao Yue is not looking at her at all, but staring at Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que, the corners of her mouth slowly curling up into a sinister smile and said slowly, “Look, this battle is almost over. If Jiang Feng and Yue Nu were to know that their twin sons are now killing each other, they will surely regret what they have done.”

Princess Lian Xing’s lips trembled, and suddenly she used all her strength and shouted, “Don’t fight anymore, do you hear? Because you are blood brothers!”

Princess Yao Yue smiled coldly and did not stop her at all, because although she has used all her strength to shout, but the others could only hear her teeth chattering, and can’t tell what is she shouting about at all. Princess Lian Xing’s eyes unconsciously teared. For decades, this may be the first time she cried, but the tears that came out became ice in a while as well.

She knows that there really is no way to change Xiao Yu’er and Hua Wu Que’s fate now, because the only one in the world who knows this secret is now Princess Yao Yue. And Princess Yao Yue will never reveal this secret, unless Xiao Yu’er or Hua Wu Que were to fall, and by then everything will come to an end. This complicated, entangling hatred will only end then. This ending is too distressing, Princess Lian Xing has no wish to watch further. In reality, she is unable to watch further.

Tie Xin Lan collapsed into Su Ying’s arms, panting, and struggled to say, “We… we can be considered sisters, now I want to beg you of one thing, I wonder if you will agree!”

Su Ying caressed her hair gently and said softly, “It doesn’t matter what you want me to do, just say it.”

Tie Xin Lan said, “After I die, I hope that you will bury Hua Wu Que and I together, and I hope you will tell Xiao Yu’er, although I cannot marry him, but I’ll forever be his sister, his friend.”

Su Ying rubbed her eyes and said, “I… I promise you.”

Tie Xin Lan stared at her and said slowly again, “I also hope that you will take good care of Xiao Yu’er. He may be a wild horse, but with you by his side, maybe he will become a little better.”

Su Ying sighed sadly and said, “Will he?”

Tie Xin Lan replied, “Yes, because I understand him very well. I know that the person he truly likes, is you, as for me… He has never liked me, it’s just that he always wanted to win, to be better…”

Su Ying trembled, “I know… I know everything, please don’t say anymore. No matter what you want me to do, I will promise you.”

Tie Xin Lan smiled weakly, and slowly closed her eyes. Her smile is so serene, because she is no longer troubled, no longer worried. Su Ying looked at her, and her tears unconsciously fell like rain…

Hua Wu Que’s hands gradually slowed. He knows that the time is up, there’s no reason to drag on further.

Everything will have to end sooner or later and at a time like this, he is feeling especially calm instead. Jealousy, hatred, winning, boasting… all these mundane feelings have reached a new level suddenly, and this new level is the highest sentiment for humans.

He only hopes that Xiao Yu’er will live well, Tie Xin Lan will live well, all his friends and enemies will live well, and live happily. He concentrated on Xiao Yu’er’s moves, waiting for a chance.

Waiting for a chance to die! He is preparing to let Xiao Yu’er ‘win’ magnificently, not wishing for anyone to see that he is sending himself to death’s door, and even more so not wishing for Xiao Yu’er to know. Therefore he cannot deliberately reveal any loopholes, not collide into Xiao Yu’er’s palms himself. He is going to wait until Xiao Yu’er is using a very strange move, then he’ll deliberately find himself ‘unable to avoid it’!

Xiao Yu’er’s body turned, his left palm slicing down diagonally, his right palm hidden behind his body. Hua Wu Que knows that his laft palm is meant to be a fake move, and the real fatal move will be the right palm that is going to follow. When the other party blocks his left palm, he will have to turn his body, and the right palm will naturally strike from the bottom. This move can be real or fake, and the area where it’s striking is uncommon and strange, and it can be considered one of the rare fatal moves in the martial arts realm.

But it seems that Xiao Yu’er is getting confused from the fight, and he actually forgot that he has used this move once earlier, and although it was a close shave for Hua Wu Que when he was avoiding this move earlier, but now he would have been very familiar with this move.

This is exactly Hua Wu Que’s ‘chance’. His palm cut up from the bottom, aiming directly at Xiao Yu’er’s armpit, because he knows that by the time his palm reaches that point, Xiao Yu’er’s body would have turned over. When his palm attack meets only the air, he would have ‘used up his moves’ and when Xiao Yu’er’s right palm rushes out, he will immediately die under Xiao Yu’er’s palm. So his move may look like a very ingenious move, but it’s actually a move that will send him to his death.

Who would have expected that this time Xiao Yu’er’s body turned very much slower than previously, and by the time Hua Wu Que’s palm reached his armpit, his body has not turned over. The soft bones under the armpit, is one of the fatal points in the body. Hua Wu Que was very confident, and deliberately used a lot of his strength in this attack, so by the time he realized something was wrong, it was too late to retract or change his move.

With a loud ‘bang’, Xiao Yu’er flew out from his blow.

Amongst all the gasps of shock, Yan Nan Tian has already leapt up seventy feet, and flew over like a huge bird. Xuanyuan San Guang and the rest also ran towards Xiao Yu’er in shock.

Xiao Yu’er’s face was pale, his breathing shallow, as if he’s on the brink of death. Checking his pulse, it seems that his veins have been broken or injured, and he’s likely to be beyond hope. Anyone would be able to tell that he will definitely not live.

Yan Nan Tian was so anxious that he was unconsciously weeping. He stamped his feet and exclaimed, “You… you obviously could have avoided that move, you… you… you…”

Xiao Yu’er smiled sadly and struggled to speak, “I had wanted to use that move to deliberately bait him, but who would have known that he…” He suddenly coughed, blood trickling out from the corner of his mouth, and panted, “It’s all because I… I’m too smart, and instead it backfired… backfired…” He repeated the word ‘backfired’ twice, his voice getting weaker and weaker, his eyes slowly closing, his breathing slowly quieting. It seems that he still wants to open his eyes, to take a last look at this world that he can’t bear to leave behind, but it’s no use no matter how hard he tries. His eyes will never open.

Hua Wu Que stood there woodenly, his mind in a complete mess, his eyes totally blank. He cannot think, cannot see at all.

Xiao Yu’er is dead! Xiao Yu’er is actually killed by him! He only wished that this is not true, it’s just a dream, a nightmare! It seems that his tears have dried up.

Yan Nan Tian suddenly roared furiously, turned his body and struck at Hua Wu Que with his palm, and Hua Wu Que just stood there without moving.

Princess Yao Yue was checking Xiao Yu’er’s pulse, and now she suddenly jumped a few dozen feet into the air and pulled Hua Wu Que out from under Yan Nan Tian’s palm.

Princess Yao Yue said calmly, “I dragged Hua Wu Que away earlier, to save you! Because everyone else in the world can kill him, except for you, you must never kill him!”

Yan Nan Tian asked, “Why?”

A trace of a vicious smile flashed past Princess Yao Yue’s eyes, and she asked, “Do you know who he is?”

Yan Nan Tian can’t help but ask, “Who is he?”

Princess Yao Yue suddenly laughed madly, pointed at Hua Wu Que and said, “Let me tell you, he is also Jiang Feng’s son, he is Xiao Yu’er’s twin brother.”

Once this sentence was spoken, there was an immediate commotion. However, Yan Nan Tian was stunned, and after being shocked for a moment, he roared angrily, “What fart!”

Princess Yao Yue laughed loudly and continued, “I’ve waited twenty years, just for today, waiting for the brothers to kill each other. I waited twenty years, and only revealed this secret now. I am really so happy, so ecstatic.”

Yan Nan Tian roared madly, “No matter what you say, I won’t believe a single word!”

Princess Yao Yue chuckled, “I know you will believe it, you surely will believe it. Just think about it carefully, and you’ll realize so many similarities between the two of them. Take a look at their eyes again, their noses…” Yan Nan Tian clenched his fists, unconsciously sweating.

Princess Yao Yue continued with a laugh, “Do you know why I want to force them to fight? Do you know why I insist that Hua Wu Que kill Xiao Yu’er with his own hands?… You surely weren’t able to figure out why, right? But now that you finally understand, it’s too late, too late…”

This secret is too shocking, like a lightning that suddenly struck from a clear sky that strikes everyone into shock. They may be very emotional, but they were unable to make any sound at all. It seems that only Princess Yao Yue’s maniacal laughter is left in the world.

Everyone thought of the various incidents involving Hua Wu Que and Xiao Yu’er, and even though they did not want to believe Princess Yao Yue’s words, but there is no way they can disbelieve it. Everyone can’t tell if they felt shock, anger or pity… maybe they felt a little of each, but after all, they mostly felt sympathy and pity.

Hua Wu Que’s face turned pale, staring at Xiao Yu’er’s body on the ground, his body slowly started to shake, and shake very vigorously, until in the end he could not even stand properly, and his whole body curled up into a ball.

Yan Nan Tian looked at the two brothers, one alive and one dead, and it seems that his rock solid body is about to collapse as well. In that instant, he really became an old man. His heart was filled with pain and regret.

“Why must I force the two of them to fight as well? Why didn’t I stop them?” He knows that all these is because of revenge! Now he knows that revenge will never bring any glory to anyone, revenge will only bring with it pain, and destruction! But now it’s too late for him to realize that! He is so distraught that he has lost the energy to feel anger. Not only did he not try to fight with Princess Yao Yue, but he did not even take a look at her.

But Princess Yao Yue was looking at them. The smile in her eyes seems so cruel, so vicious, and she stared at Hua Wu Que and said icily, “You’ve killed your own brother, what do you have to say?”

Hua Wu Que covered his face with his hands, his whole body curled up on the floor.

Princess Yao Yue smiled sinisterly, “Don’t you forget, you still have the ‘Fine Blood Zhao Dan Qing’ with you, now will you believe that this is a cursed sword, and whoever possesses it, will die!”

Hua Wu Que suddenly lifted his head, the ‘Fine Blood Zhao Dan Qing’ already in his hands! The jade green short sword, emitted an eerie reflection under the setting sun. Although everyone knows what he is going to do, no one can stop him. Whoever that reaches such a stage, can only die, and must die!

Princess Yao Yue said each word slowly, “Now that your time is up, what are you waiting for!”

With a turn of his hand, Hua Wu Que stabbed the sword towards his chest! Suddenly, a hand reached out and snatched the sword from Hua Wu Que’s palm! It’s not an easy task to snatch a sword from Hua Wu Que’s grasp, but now Hua Wu Que is almost breaking down. He lifted his head, stared at this person for a long time before he asked, “Who are you? Why won’t you let me die!”

End of Chapter 125

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