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“Nezha Conquers the Dragon King” is an outstanding animation issued by the Ministry of Culture in 1979 and is based on an episode from the Chinese mythological novel “Fengshen Yanyi”.

A mother gave birth to a ball of flesh shaped like a lotus bud. The father, Li Jing, chopped open the ball, and beautiful boy, Nezha, sprung out. One day, when Nezha was seven years old, he went to the nearby seashore for a swim and killed the third son of the Dragon King who was persecuting local residents. The story primarily revolves around the Dragon King’s feud with Nezha over his son’s death. Through bravery and wit, Nezha finally broke into the underwater palace of his nemesis and successfully defeated him.

The film is the classic work of Chinese painting animation. It shows various kinds of attractive sceneries and the traditional culture of China, such as spectacular mountains, elegant sea waves and exquisite ancient Chinese clothes. It has received a variety of awards, including the 3rd Hundred Flowers Festival Award and the Special Award at the 2nd Manila International Film Festival in 1983.

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