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“The Golden Monkey Defeats a Demon”, also referred as “The Monkey King Conquers the Demon”, is adapted from chapters of the Chinese classics “Journey to the West,” or “Monkey” in the Western world.

The five-episode animation series tells the story of Monkey King Sun Wukong, who followed Monk Xuan Zang’s trip to the West to take the Buddhistic sutra. They met a white bone evil, and the evil transformed human appearances three times to seduce the monk. Twice Monkey King recognized it and brought it down. The monk was unable to recognize the monster and expelled Sun Wukong. Xuan Zang was then captured by the monster. Fortunately Bajie, another apprentice of Xuan Zang, escaped and persuaded the Monkey King to come rescue the monk. Finally, Sun kills the evil and saves Xuan Zang.

The outstanding animation has received a variety of awards, including the 6th Hundred Flowers Festival Award and the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival Award in 1989.

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