Chinese film: Spring in a Small Town小城之春 ~ Chinese Movies&TV


This love-triangle story, based on the short play by Li Tianji, is directed by Fei Mu and produced by Wenhua Film Company, a private production company based in Shanghai. The subtle film, albeit lacking a complicated plot, is a good example of a psychological study of its characters. It has been highly praised for exploring characters’ feelings and emotions under delicate situations. It is considered to be a pioneer in using poetic language in cinema.

The film has garnered great fame both at home and abroad. The Chinese film community has agreed that the film is an all-time classic. World famous director Zhang Yimou claimed that it was his favorite Chinese film ever. In 2005, the Hong Kong Film Awards Association named it the best Chinese film ever made. In 2012, Canada’s newspaper Winnipeg Free Press ranked it No. 1 on its top ten Chinese film list.

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