Chinese film:Rabbit Gang兔子帮


To save the Jade Rabbit Village from the energy crisis, Rabbit White Branchreceived a secret mission–to find and bring back the goddess Chang’e from human society.White Branch didn’t know about the local customs and fell into trouble when he arrived the human society. One day, White Branch accidentally saved a boy Xiao Zhong from the villains and in return, Xiao Zhong took White Branch home.

Soon, Green Branch and Grey Branch, White Branch’s friends in the Jade Rabbit Village came together to help White Branch find Chang’e. Their arrival led to a series of hilarious events in Xiao Zhong’s family.

However, the crisis was coming around. Black Branch, White Branch’s brother,along with his evil friends were also in search of the goddess, tryingto absorb the powers of her Moon Beads.

A battle of good versus evil thus began..
Key words:
玉兔yù tù:the Jade Hare — the moon
流氓liú mánɡ: rogue
嫦娥chánɡ’é:Chang’e (the Chinese moon goddess)
战斗zhàn dòu :battle

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