Chinese film:The Growban 夺宝幸运星大电影之金箍棒传奇


On a moonless night, Tang Monk and his three disciples accidentally spilled the resurrective elixir all over the Growban. To their surprises, this invincible weapon became a graceful girl, Pinxiang, who was punished by the Jade Emperor for her descending to thehuman world without permission. The news spread like wildfire among the monsters that Monkey King had lost his Growban. After knowing that, they stirred up trouble and planned to kill Tang Monk, even the king of all the monsters — Lord of Destruction involved. Meanwhile, Pinxiang was instigated to assassinate Tang Monk. Facing converging attack from the monsters and Pinxiang, would Tang Monk and his disciples get away with it? How would Pinxiang affect the plight? A crucial battle caused by the Growban was coming soon…
Key words
金箍棒jīn ɡū bànɡ:the Growban
唐僧tánɡ sēnɡ:Tang Monk
还魂药hái hún yào:resurrective elixir

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