Chinese star: Jackie Chan 成龙

Do you like Chinese Kungfu? Do you know Jackie Chan? Jackie Chan is a Chinese Kungfu Star Influencing the Whole World.


Jackie Chan, born in the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong in April 1954, is a influential and well-known actor and director in the Chinese society. He is also an international Kungfu film star with great fame and influences in the world film circle.


Jackie Chan is famous for staring adventure and action films. His work Police Story won the Best Feature Film at Hong Kong Film Award. Jackie Chan, Stephen Chow and Yun-Fat Chow are known as “Two Chows and One Chan,” the symbols of high box office revenue.


Jackie Chan entered the Hollywood market as early as 1982; but his path to the international market was not smooth. His first film for the international market is The Cannonball Run, but failed in office box. He had to return to the Hollywood many years later. The first film for Jackie Chan to enter the international market is Rumble in the Bronx, which was shot in 1994. This film was shown in the United States and set a record in box office. His first Hollywood film, Rush Hour, also got high office box revenue and was covered by TIME magazine, laying a solid basis for him in the international film circle. But his next film, Around the World in 80 Day, did not perform well globally. Jackie noted that Hollywood was not his world and only when he returned to Hong Kong could he get his proper environment.


Though Jackie Chan’s box-office influence declined, his film Rush Hour III still earned USD140 million in north America in 2007. The total box office of the three films of Rush Hour series exceeded USD500 million in north America and USD835 million globally. So far, no other films stared by Asian actors or actresses can make such achievements in the international market.
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