Chinese Women Star: Barbie Hsu(大S徐熙媛)


Barbie Hsu is a Taiwanese actress most well-known for her role as Shan Cai in the Taiwanese drama “Meteor Garden.” She also had a singing career and hosting experience. She was in a duo group called ASOS (A Sisters of Shu) with her sister Dee Hsu. After breaking up with Vic Chou in 2008, she married Chinese catering millionaire Wang Xiaofei in Beijing last year in a much talked about wedding. Her income reached 33.72 million yuan (US$5.21 million) in the assessment period.

Born: Oct. 6, 1976, in Taipei, Taiwan

Films and TV series: “Meteor Garden,” “Summer’s Desire,” “Corner with Love,” “Phantom Lover,” “Say Yes Enterprise,” “Mars,” “Eternity: A Chinese Ghost Story,” “Motorway,” “My Kingdom,” “Reign of Assassins,” “Adventure of the King,” “Future X-Cops,” “Hot Summer Days”

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