Chinese Women Star: Yao Chen(姚晨)


Yao Chen rocketed to fame in 2006 for her role in the sitcom “My Own Swordsman.” She also starred in the phenomenally successful TV series “Lurk.” Yao won the Golden Eagle Award for Best Actress in 2010. She married Chinese actor Ling Xiao Su in 2004, but they divorced in January this year. Her expression of true feelings on her microblog has garnered her the largest following on Sina Weibo. Yao joined Huayi Brothers in April this year and was involved in an increasing number of commercial advertisements. Her income reached 30.5 million yuan (US$4.72 million) in the assessment period.

Born: Oct. 5, 1979, in Nanping, Fujian Province

Films and TV series: “My Own Swordsman,” “If You Are the One 2,” “Color Me Love,” “Sophie’s Revenge,” “Lurk,” “Undercover”

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