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Crazy Stone — Fēngkuáng de Shítou

Crazy Stone (Chinese: 疯狂的石头; pinyin: fēng kúang de shí tou) is a 2006 mainland Chinese black comedy film directed by Ning Hao and produced by Andy Lau. It was immensely popular, earning 6 million RMB in its first week and more than 23 million RMB (US$3 million) in total box office in Mainland China, despite its low budget (3 million HKD/US$400,000) and cast of unknowns. The movie was shot digitally on HD cameras and produced as part of Andy Lau’s “FOCUS: First Cuts” series.


Director: Ning Hao

The film tells a story about three group people who want to protect or steal a precious jade stone which is discovered in an old outhouse. The style of the film looks like Snatch, a 2000 Holywood film directed by Guy Ritchie and starred by Brad Pitt, Benicio Del Toro and Jason Statham.



Crazy Stone is uncommon in that the entire movie is spoken in a mishmash of dialects, with Chongqing; Henan dialect and various Hong Kong idioms used to great comedic effect. As is relatively common in Chinese humor, many jokes are puns or other plays on the language: for example, after one of the main characters crashes into a BMW, the angry owner shouts that his car is a “Bié Mō Wǒ” (别摸我, which means “Don’t touch me”), a deliberate play on the actual initialism.


BMW–Bié Mō Wǒ (Don’t touch me)

The film also pays homage to or draws influence from a number of films, both foreign and domestic. The scene in which a black suited thief tries to steal the coveted jade stone by descending from the ceiling attached to a rope is a reference to Mission: Impossible, for example. Similarly, one of the final scenes, which features a fight in an elevator, is a reference to the ending of the famous Hong Kong movie Infernal Affairs.


Pay homage to Mission Impossible

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