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Cyndi Wang is a Taiwanese singer and actress. Wang has released eight albums, nearly all of which carry her name. These include six studio albums: Begin (2003), Cyndi Loves You (2004), Honey (2005), Cyndi With U (2006), Magic Cyndi (2007), Fly! Cyndi (2008); and compilation albums: Shining Cyndi 2005 (2005) and Red Cyndi (2008). She has also contributed to three Taiwanese drama soundtracks.

Outside her music career, Wang has starred in various Taiwanese dramas, including Westside Story (2003), La Robe de Mariage des Cieux (2004), and Smiling Pasta (2006). She acted alongside JJ Lin in three short love stories (in 2006), a movie (Candy Rain) in 2008 with Karena Lam, held concerts (personal concerts and with Jungiery’s J-Stars) and she also made several commercials and endorsements.

First Name: Jun Ru
Family Name: Wang
Native name: 王心凌
Also Known as: Wang Xin Ling
Nationality: Taiwanese
Gender: Female
Born: September 5, 1982

Cyndi Wang: A Multi-Talented and Charismatic Actress in the Taiwanese Entertainment Industry

Cyndi Wang, also known as Wang Xin Ling, is a popular Taiwanese actress, singer, and television host. Born on September 5, 1982, in Hsinchu, Taiwan, she is known for her charming personality, multi-faceted talent, and ability to connect with audiences of all ages.

Early Life and Education

Wang grew up in a family of educators, with her father being a college professor and her mother a primary school teacher. She attended the National Taiwan Normal University and graduated with a degree in Physical Education.


Wang began her career as a singer, releasing her first album “Begin” in 2003. She quickly gained popularity for her catchy and upbeat songs, as well as her bubbly and cheerful persona. She also expanded her career into acting, appearing in TV dramas, films, and variety shows.

Wang is known for her versatility in the entertainment industry. She has hosted several variety shows and awards ceremonies, and has also served as a spokesperson for various brands. In addition, she has ventured into voice acting, lending her voice to several animated films and series.

Notable Works

  1. “Smiling Pasta” (2006) – Wang’s breakthrough role as Xiao Shi, a talented and hardworking chef who falls in love with a famous pop star.
  2. “Love Keeps Going” (2011) – A romantic comedy in which Wang plays the role of a high-spirited and determined woman who helps her ex-boyfriend win back his love.
  3. “Marry Me, or Not?” (2015) – A popular TV drama in which Wang portrays a successful career woman who must choose between love and career.
  4. “Kung Fu Panda” (2008) – Wang’s first voice acting role in an animated film, in which she dubbed the character of Mei Mei.

Personal Life

Wang is known for her positive and optimistic outlook on life. She is an advocate for physical fitness and is often seen promoting exercise and healthy living. She has also been involved in various charity work, supporting causes such as disaster relief and animal welfare.


Cyndi Wang is a multi-talented and charismatic actress, singer, and television host in the Taiwanese entertainment industry. Her ability to connect with audiences through her talent, charm, and positive energy has made her a beloved figure in the region. With her versatility and dedication to her craft, she is sure to continue making a significant impact in the industry for years to come.

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