Duan Jingzhu – Water Margin

金毛犬段景住 - 《水浒传》


Duan Jingzhu is a fictional character in Water Margin, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. Nicknamed “Golden Haired Hound”, he ranks 108th among the 108 Stars of Destiny and 72nd among the 72 Earthly Fiends. Wikipedia

TV show: All Men Are Brothers
Played by: Chen Lianghao

Duan Jingzhu (段景住) is one of the main characters in the Chinese classic novel “Water Margin” (《水浒传》), which was written by Shi Nai’an during the Ming Dynasty. He is also known as “Golden-eyed Tiger” (金眼彪), due to his fierce and powerful personality.

Duan Jingzhu was born in a wealthy family, but he was very rebellious from a young age. He became a bandit in the mountains, leading a group of followers and causing trouble for the government. However, he was a loyal and righteous leader, who often helped the poor and the weak. He was also skilled in martial arts, especially in the use of the spear.

In the novel, Duan Jingzhu is first introduced as a subordinate of Liangshan Marsh (梁山泊), a group of outlaws who rebelled against the corrupt government during the Song Dynasty. Duan is described as a tall and sturdy man, with a fierce-looking face and golden eyes. He is also very intelligent, often coming up with clever strategies to defeat their enemies.

Duan Jingzhu’s most memorable moment in the novel is his fight with Yang Zhi (杨志), a skilled warrior who was sent by the government to capture the outlaws. The two engage in a fierce battle, with Duan using his spear and Yang using his sword. Although Duan is initially at a disadvantage, he manages to turn the tables by using a clever strategy, and ultimately kills Yang in a brutal and bloody fashion.

Despite his fierce and violent nature, Duan Jingzhu is also shown to have a softer side. He falls in love with Yan Poxi (燕婆婆), a beautiful and kind-hearted woman who is also a member of Liangshan Marsh. Yan Poxi initially rejects Duan’s advances, but eventually falls in love with him as well. Their relationship is one of the few romantic subplots in the novel, and it provides a rare glimpse into Duan’s more gentle side.

Duan Jingzhu is one of the most complex and multi-dimensional characters in “Water Margin”. He is a fierce warrior and a loyal friend, but he is also violent and unpredictable. His relationship with Yan Poxi shows that he is capable of love and tenderness, but his brutal killing of Yang Zhi shows that he is not above using any means necessary to achieve his goals. In many ways, Duan Jingzhu embodies the themes of the novel, which explores the tension between loyalty and rebellion, justice and violence, and the struggle for survival in a corrupt and unjust society.

In conclusion, Duan Jingzhu is a fascinating character in “Water Margin”, who embodies many of the novel’s themes and contradictions. He is a fierce warrior, a loyal friend, and a violent rebel, who is both feared and admired by his followers and his enemies. His love for Yan Poxi provides a rare glimpse into his softer side, but his brutal killing of Yang Zhi shows that he is not above using any means necessary to achieve his goals. Duan Jingzhu is a complex and multi-dimensional character who continues to captivate readers and audiences to this day.

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