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The famous Chinese film actress Zhang Ruifang(张瑞芳 Zhāng Ruìfāng) died on June 28, 2012, in Shanghai at the age of 94. Along with Bai Yang(白杨 Bái Yáng), Shu- Xiuwen(舒绣文 Shū Xiùwén), and Qin Yi(秦怡 Qín Yí), she was considered to be one of the “Four Famous Female Actresses” of Chinese film and stage.

Born on June 15, 1918 in Baoding, Hebei Province, Zhang enrolled in the Beiping National Arts School in 1935, majoring in western painting. She joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in 1937 and the following year entered the Chinese Drama Society, majoring in performance. For a long period of time, Zhang was active in the theatre. During the Anti-Japanese War Period (1937-1945), she joined the Peking students’ mobile performance troupe in the name of national salvation, promoting resistance against the Japanese invaders.

During her lifetime, Zhang starred in many films and stage dramas. In 1963, Zhang won the Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actress after playing a housewife in the comedy “Li Shuangshuang.” In 2007, she received the Golden Rooster Lifetime Achievement Award.


Zhang Ruifang in the film “Li Shuangshuang” in 1962

Filmographies: Zhang Ruifang starred in from 1940-1982.

Fire Baptism 火的洗礼 1940

On the Songhua River 松花江上 1947

Fight North and South 南征北战 1952

The Song of Phoenix 凤凰之歌 1957

By the Three-Eight River 三八河畔 1958

Nie Er 聂耳 1959

Always Colorful Spring 万紫千红总是春 1959

Li Shuangshuang 李双双 1962

Li Shanzi 李善子 1964

Flowing River 大河奔流 1979

Roar! The Yellow River 怒吼吧!黄河 1979

Tink, Tink, the Fountain 泉水叮咚 1982

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