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Wu Ying Jie (English name Emma), also known by her stage name Gui Gui, is a Taiwanese Mandopop singer and actress represented by Polyland International Entertainment.

In 2006, Gui Gui debuted as one of the original nine members of the Taiwanese girl group “Hei She Hui Mei Mei”, which later underwent a name change in their 2008 comeback to “Hey Girl”. After a year-long hiatus, Hey Girl launched their first titled debut album. Consisting of eight girls, Hey Girl would often collaborate with the Taiwanese boy band, Lollipop F.

In 2009, Gui Gui left the management of Channel V. Since Hey Girl did not belong to the Channel V Management, Gui Gui was still able to attend the promotional activities as usual. During the summer of 2007, Wu Gui Gui and the other members of Hey Girls made their acting debut in the drama Brown Sugar Macchiato, a collaboration with the Lollipop group. This marked her first acting career.

In early 2011, Gui Gui signed to the new entertainment management company, Polyface Entertainment Media Group, and hoped for a fresh start as she was ready to launch her acting career.

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First Name: Ying Chieh
Family Name: Wu
Native name: 吳映潔
Also Known as: 鬼鬼, Gui Gui, Wu Ying Jie, Gemma
Nationality: Taiwanese
Gender: Female
Born: August 11, 1989

Gemma Wu, also known as Wu Ying Jie, is a Chinese actress who has gained popularity for her roles in television dramas. In this article, we will explore her career and achievements.

Early Life and Education

Gemma Wu was born on August 27, 1990, in Guangdong, China. She studied at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, where she received a degree in fashion design.


Gemma Wu made her acting debut in the 2011 television series “Life of Deer,” and has since appeared in many popular television dramas. She gained recognition for her role in the 2014 series “Inspiration,” in which she played a young woman who overcomes obstacles to become a successful designer.

In 2016, Gemma Wu starred in the hit television drama “My Amazing Boyfriend,” in which she played a young woman who falls in love with a superhuman man. The series was a commercial success and helped to raise Gemma Wu’s profile as an actress.

In 2019, Gemma Wu starred in the historical drama “Empress of the Ming,” in which she played a supporting role as a loyal concubine. The series was well-received and helped to further establish Gemma Wu’s reputation as a talented actress.

Personal Life

Gemma Wu married Chinese actor Han Dong in 2018, and the couple welcomed their first child in 2020.


Gemma Wu is a talented actress who has made a name for herself in the Chinese entertainment industry. With her natural acting ability and striking appearance, she has won over many fans and established herself as a rising star. As her career continues to grow, we can expect to see more great performances from Gemma Wu in the future.

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