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Zhang Hui Wen is a Chinese actress by making her acting debut in director Zhang Yi Mou’s film “Coming Home”.

In 2010, Zhang Hui Wen enrolled in the Dancing Department of Beijing Dance Academy and graduated in 2014. While a student at the Beijing Dance Academy, she was discovered by Zhang Yi Mou, who chose her for the lead role in “Coming Home”. Zhang Hui Wen was highly praised for her performance and received the Best Newcomer award at the Asian Film Awards for her performance in the film.

In 2015, Zhang Hui Wen starred in the coming-of-age youth film “Forever Young” directed by He Jiong.
In 2016, Zhang Hui Wen starred in the Hong Kong police film “Line Walker”, followed by the youth romance film “Crying Out in Love”.
In 2017, Zhang Hui Wen appeared as one of the main characters in the historical wuxia drama “Nirvana in Fire 2”, the sequel to the critically acclaimed drama, “Nirvana in Fire”.
In 2019, Zhang starred in the fantasy detective film “The Great Detective”, and comedy film “Overall Planning”. In the year 2020, she starred opposite Ren Jia Lun in “Love a Lifetime”.

Zhang Hui Wen is set to star in “Legend of Fei” alongside Zhao Li Ying and Wang Yi Bo, as well as “Time Pass by Suddenly” together with Li Yi Feng and Luhan. She recently finished up filming for “Yi Pian Bing Xin Zai Yu Hu” with Caesar Wu which is set to premiere somewhere in 2021. Zhang Hui Wen will also appear in the comedy film “Overall Planning” which stars Huang Cai Lun.

(Source: Wikipedia)

First Name: Hui Wen
Family Name: Zhang
Native name: 张慧雯
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Born: September 13, 1993

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