Legend of Entrepreneurship温州一家人


At the beginning of the 1980s, the Reform and Opening up has taken place in the southern part of China with emergence of many individual businesses. Zhou Wanshun, who lived in Rui’an City, announced two big decisions. One was to let his daughter, Ayu, go to study in Italy. The expenses came from selling the house. The other was that he planned to search opportunities of businesses in Wenzhou City with his wife, Zhao Yinhua and his 16-year-old son, Maigou. From then on, the family members lead different lives in different places. Zhou started with picking garbage, and tried selling shoes, switches, lamps and oil, etc. He did whatever making a profit. Besides, his wife found opportunities in selling buttons and managed to start her own business. Maigou, who was a stubborn man, fought for his business in the northwest part of China. Ayu, who struggled from a young age, grew into an outstanding representative of Wenzhou businessmen and met the love of her life.
Key words
温州wēn zhōu:Wenzhou (city in Zhejiang)
改革开放ɡǎi ɡé kāi fànɡ:reform and opening; reform and opening to the outside world
媳妇xí fù:son’s wife ;daughter-in-law
商机shānɡ jī:business opportunity

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