Li Bai: A Visit to Sky-Mother Mountain in a Dream ~ 《梦游天姥吟留别》 李白 with English Translations


小编导读:《梦游天姥吟留别》是唐代大诗人李白创作的一首古体诗。此诗是李白离开长安后第二年写的,是一首记梦诗,也是游仙诗。诗写梦游仙府名山,着意奇特,构思精密,意境雄伟。感慨深沉激烈,变化惝恍莫测于虚无飘渺的描述中,寄寓着生活现实。虽离奇,但不做作。内容丰富曲折,形象辉煌流丽,富有浪漫主义色彩。 形式上杂言相间,兼用骚体,不受律束,体制解放。全诗信手写来,笔随兴至,诗才横溢,堪称绝世名作。

《梦游天姥吟留别》 李白


A Visit to Sky-Mother Mountain in a Dream
Li Bai

Donning the shoes of Xie,
I climbed the dark ladder of clouds.
Midway, I saw the sun rise from the sea,
Heard the Cock of Heaven crow.
And my path twisted through a thousand crags,
Enchanted by flowers I leaned against a rock,
And suddenly all was dark.
Growls of bears and snarls of dragons echoed
Among the rocks and streams;
The deep forest appalled me, I shrank from the lowering cliffs;
Dark were the clouds, heavy with rain;
Waters boiled into misty spray;
Lightning flashed; thunder roared;
Peaks tottered, boulders crashed;
And the stone gate of a great cavern
Yawned open.
Below me, a bottomless void of blue,
Sun and moon gleaming on terraces of silver and gold;
With rainbows for garments, and winds for horses,
The lords of the clouds descended, a mighty host.
Phoenixes circled the chariots, tigers played zithers,
As the immortals went by, rank upon rank.
My heart was seized by fear and wonder,
And waking with a start I cried out,
For nothing was there except my mat and pillow—
Gone was the world of mists and clouds.
And so with the pleasures of this life;
All pass, as water flows eastward.
I leave you, friend—when shall I return?
I shall pasture white stags among green peaks
And ride to visit mountains famed in legend.
Would you have me bow my head before mighty princes,
Forgetting all the joy of my heart?

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