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Today,I ‘d like to introduce a 2009 action and family film, Looking for Jackie (寻找成龙xúnzhǎo Chéng Lóng). It is directed by Gangliang Fang (方刚亮Fāng Gāngliàng) and Ping Jiang and written by Xuan Hua and Jiamin Wu. It tells the story of a young boy, Zhang Yi-shan (张一山Zhāng Yīshān), who sets on a journey to meet his idol, Jackie Chan (成龙Chéng Lóng).


Zhang Yi-shan (Yishan Zhang) is a 16 year old boy living in Indonesia with his grandmother. After being bullied and seeing Jackie Chan’s arrival in China, Beijing, he agrees to go there so he can meet his idol and become his disciple. After arriving in Beijing he goes to the wrong place due to his little knowledge of Chinese. He stays in a temple and befriends a girl living there with her aunt. After learning that she works in films with an actor who knows Jackie, he asks her to question him about Jackie’s whereabouts. But she forgets and he leaves to search for his idol.

He arrives at a station where his wallet is stolen and he is kidnapped by the thugs who stole his wallet. The thugs contact his grandparents to ask for a ransom, and his grandparents contact the police. The police go undercover and almost catches the thugs but they escape. Meanwhile, Zhang Yi-shan is released by a woman who sees him as her little brother who died. After escaping and telling police about the thugs, they are captured and the police officer takes him to her house for the night. After arguing about Jackie being better than the officer, he gets beaten and falls asleep. In the morning, the officer leaves to capture the escaped leader of the thugs. Zhang goes to see Jackie but instead sees the gang leader who is being chased by the officer. After a little fight he is captured and the officer is wounded badly. Zhang takes her to the hospital where she is saved and Zhang is returned to his grandparents.

After arguing with his grandmother, he goes to a film studio where he is cast as an extra and soon thrown out. Meanwhile his grandmother asks Jackie to meet her grandson, to which he agrees. Zhang is brought to the studio by Jackie where Zhang sees Jackie fight and after a little chat, he is returned home by Jackie and he tells Zhang to study hard.

At the end Zhang passes his exam and is respected by other students. He calls Jackie to tell him about his result but no one replies. Everyone begins to doubt him whether he met Jackie or not but after a few moments a picture is received by Zhang which was promised by Jackie that if he would pass his exam Jackie would send him the picture.

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