Lu You: Prelude to Water Melody The Multi-Viewed Tower ~ 《水调歌头·多景楼》 陆游 with English Translations


小编导读:《水调歌头·多景楼》是南宋词人陆游的作品。 词的上片追忆历史人物,下片写今日登I临所怀,全词发出了对古今的感慨之情,表现了作者强烈的爱国热情。词由如画连山为背景,联想三国时的孙权和刘备,联想晋代登襄阳楼的羊祜,然后落到领客来游的方滋。由史及人,旨在表达宋金对峙中的政治态度和对方滋的期待。 这是陆游唯一一篇吟咏三国旧事的作品。

《水调歌头·多景楼》 陆游



Prelude to Water Melody
The Multi-Viewed Tower

Lu You

Of scenic spots on eastern riverside,
None’ s better than Xu State so far and wide.
Hill on hill like a scroll,
A frowning tower overlooks where the waves roll.
Drums beat and horns blow long in the breeze sad and strong.
The beacon fire now dim now bright kindles the sky.
How can I not remember generals of fame high?
For miles and miles they wielded spears;
In open air slept brave compeers.

Grass wet with dew,
Leaves fall in breeze
Of autumn hue.
Your spirits high
In laughter wash away all sorrow old and new.
I see not heroes of the days gone by.
What can today’ s visitors do?
It is a lasting regret hard to appease.
But you alone can leave a thousand years’ name;
As long as rivers flow will last your fame.

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