Lu You: Spring on the Pool ~ 《谢池春·壮岁从戎》 陆游 with English Translations



《谢池春·壮岁从戎》 陆游


Spring on the Pool
Lu You

Adult, I served in the army long ago,
The breath I exhaled would swallow the beaten foe.
War clouds rose higher,
At night burned beacon fire.
With reddened face, black hair and sharpened spear,
We marched to the west frontier.
But my scholar’s habit has hindered my career.

Awake from my wild dream,
I float my leaflike boat on Southern stream.
Singing the plaintive lays,
I think of heroes of bygone days.
On boundless misty waves, alas!
Where can I find the ancient Pass?
In vain I’ve passed another year.

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