Meng Haoran Poem: Parting from Wang Wei – 孟浩然《留别王维》













[1] 寂寂:安静,无人声。

[2] 芳草:古代比喻忠贞志士,高尚情操。

[3] 当路:当政。

[4] 相假:互相凭借。

Parting from Wang Wei

Meng Haoran

Lonely, lonely, what is there to hope for?

Day by day I come back without an end.

I would seek fragrant grass in native shore.

How I regret to part with my old friend!

I’m one whom those in high place would elude,

For there are few connoisseurs in the state.

I can but keep myself in solitude

And go back to close my old garden gate.

The poet will leave the capital after his failure in the civil service examinations.


The poem “Parting from Wang Wei” is a poem written by Tang Dynasty poet Meng Haoran to bid farewell to Wang Wei after his disappointment in Chang’an (present-day Xi’an, Shaanxi Province). The poem begins by saying that he has no hope in the capital and spends his days in loneliness and disappointment, but he wants to leave the capital but does not want to part with his friends, expressing his frustration and contradiction. Then he laments that he has no one to invoke him, so he has to go back to his hometown and live in seclusion. The tone of the poem is low, with resentment against the court’s suppression of talents, lamentation that he can’t bear to part with his friend, and lamentation that he has not met his talent. The language is simple, the expression is straightforward, and the couplets are not neat, but natural and smooth, showing a kind of natural beauty without elaboration.

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