Mother will marry娘要嫁人


Qi Zhifang, a beautiful 30-year-old mother of three young kids, got pregnant before losing her husband. She lead a tenacious life despite her husband’s betrayal and the humiliation of being pitied by others. She didn’t allow her children to get help from others even if they were starved. Men usually appreciated this kind of women. Xiao Hu, Dai Shiliang and Li Maocai all expressed their love for her in their own ways. Qi Zhifang fell in love with Dai Shiliang, felt grateful for Li Maocai and lost her heart to Xiao Hu. However because of certain reasons, the relationships didn’t turn out well. Could Qi Zhifang find her real happiness in her late life?
三十岁左右,漂亮大方,精明能干的齐之芳失去了丈夫,一个人带着三个年幼的孩子,肚子里还有一个遗腹子,怀着被丈夫背叛的委屈伤心,忍受着被众人怜悯的屈辱,她倔强地维持着尊严和体面,坚强地活着。她不允许孩子们向外人伸手,教育他们宁可饿着也不求援。 总是有男人欣赏这样独立自主,美丽孤傲的女人,肖虎、戴世亮、李茂才,他们以各自的方式对她表达着爱意。齐之芳爱上戴世亮,感激李茂才,最后倾心于肖虎,然而因为种种原因,她总是与他们擦肩而过。 家庭、爱情、尊严,直至暮年的齐之芳最终是否能够得到属于自己的那份幸福……
Key words
遗腹子yí fù zǐ:posthumous child
孤傲ɡū ào:aloof and proud

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