Cen Shen Poem: On Meeting a Messenger Going to the Capital – 岑参《逢入京使》









[1] 入京使:回京城的使者。

[2] 故园:家乡。

[3] 漫漫:遥远的样子。

[4] 龙钟:沾湿的样子。

[5] 凭:烦;请。

On Meeting a Messenger Going to the Capital

Cen Shen

I look eastward, long, long my homeward way appears;

My old arms tremble and my sleeves are wet with tears.

Meeting you on horseback, with what brush can I write?

I can but ask you to tell my kin I’m all right.

The quatrain is a short message the poet asks the messenger to send home.


The poem “On Meeting a Messenger Going to the Capital” is a poem by the poet Cen Shen of the Tang Dynasty. The poem depicts a typical scene in which the poet travels far to the border and meets a messenger returning to the capital to bring a message of peace to comfort his family members who are waiting for him. The language of the poem is simple and unadorned, but it contains two major feelings: homesickness and desire for fame and fortune, one of which is intertwined with the other, sincere and natural.

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