Bai Juyi Poem: Peach Blossoms in the Temple of Great Forest – 白居易《大林寺桃花》









[1] 大林寺:位于今庐山香炉峰上,牯岭附近。庐山有三个大林寺,这里的大林寺是上大林寺,是晋代僧昙冼创建。

[2] 人间:这里指平原的村落。

[3] 芳菲:这里指花草繁茂、芳香。

Peach Blossoms in the Temple of Great Forest

Bai Juyi

All flowers in late spring have fallen far and wide,

But peach blossoms are full-blown on this mountainside.

I oft regret spring’s gone without leaving its trace;

I do not know it’s come up to adorn this place.

The poet expresses his joy at seeing peach blossoms in Mount Lu when other flowers are all fallen in late spring.


“Peach Blossoms in the Temple of Great Forest” is a poem written by Bai Juyi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The poem is about the author’s visit to the Da Lin Temple in early summer, April, when the fragrance of the mountain was already exhausted, but he unexpectedly came across a peach blossom in full bloom in the mountain temple. The poem describes the author’s feeling of what he saw, highlighting the surprise and unexpected delight of discovery. The poem describes the spring light in a vivid and concrete way, and it is a precious poem of the Tang Dynasty.

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