Li Bai Poem: A Reply – 李白《山中问答》









[1] 栖:休息。

[2] 碧山:一座青翠苍绿的小山。一说在湖北安陆,山下有桃花岩,李白读书处。

[3] 闲:自由自在。

[4] 窅(yǎo)然:远去的样子。窅,深邃、深远。

A Reply

Li Bai

I dwell among green hills and someone asks me why;

My mind care free, I smile and give him no reply.

Peach petals fallen on running water pass by,

This is an earthly paradise beneath the sky.

The poet prefers to live carefree in the hills or by the riverside.


“A Reply” is a work by Li Bai, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty. It is an ancient poem that expresses the author’s free and natural interest in living in seclusion in the form of questions and answers, and also reflects the poet’s ambivalence. The language of the poem is simple, lightly connected, lively and fluent, and naturally formed; the brushwork is both real and imaginary, the real places are perceptible, and the imaginary places are immediately stopped at the first touch, the contrast between the real and the imaginary, and the profound meaning; the poetic realm seems to be near but far, and the poetic feelings seem to be light but strong.

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