Li Qi Poem: Farewell to Chen Zhangfu – 李颀《送陈章甫》














[1] 陈侯:对陈章甫的敬称。

[2] 虬(qiú)须:胡须蜷曲。

[3] 仍:再加上。

[4] 大颡(sǎnɡ):宽大的前额。

[5] 东门:指洛阳东门。

[6] 我曹:我辈。

[7] 津吏:管理渡口的小吏。

[8] 郑国游人:指陈章甫。时居河南洛阳的嵩山,故称。

[9] 洛阳行子:作者自称。李颀家于颍阳,古属郑地。

[10] 故林:故乡;故园。

Farewell to Chen Zhangfu

Li Qi

To yellow barley the summer wind sings its song,

Date flowers not yet fallen, the plain leaves grow long.

Green hills left at dawn can be seen at dusk again;

The horse neighing outdoors thinks of its familiar plain.

My friend, you are so dignified and frank and true.

With dragon beard, tiger brows and large forehead too,

In your bosom there must be ten thousand books you’ve read;

To the officialdom you would not bow your head.

By the east gate you drink wine with us in delight;

At heart you take everything as a feather light.

Without knowing the sun has set. so drunk you lie;

Sometimes you gaze in vain at lonely cloud on high.

Waves in the long river surge to join the dark sky;

No boat at the ferry would take the passers-by.

Roamer, you cannot go back to your native land,

Sighing in vain by the riverside where you stand.

You have many friends in your country, people say,

Dismissed yesterday, how will they greet you today?

The poet bids farewell at the ferry to a friend dismissed from his office.


The poem “Farewell to Chen Zhangfu” is a farewell poem written by the Tang Dynasty poet Li Chip to his friend Chen Zhangfu. The first four lines of the poem are about the farewell, which are light and open-minded; the middle eight lines are about Chen Zhangfu’s moral integrity, saying that he is bright and open-minded, noble and self-respecting; the last six lines use simile to allude to the perils of the career and the world. The poet’s open-mindedness expresses the character and encounter of his friend and his friendship with him. Although the poem is a farewell poem, it is not like the poet’s son and daughter to dip their towels, which is a unique style.

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