Du Fu Poem: Gazing on Mount Tai – 杜甫《望岳》













[1] 岱宗:指泰山。泰山别名岱,为五岳之首,故又名岱宗。

[2] 齐鲁:泰山之北为古齐地,之南为古鲁地。

[3] 了:尽。

[4] 钟:集中;赋予。

[5] 阴阳:山北为阴,山南为阳。

[6] 决眦(zì):眼角裂开。眦,眼角。

[7] 会当:终究要;一定要。

[8] 凌:跃上。

Gazing on Mount Tai

Du Fu

O peak of peaks, how high it stands!

One boundless green overspreads two States.

A marvel done by Nature’s hands,

Over light and shade it dominates.

Clouds rise therefrom and lave my breast;

I stretch my eyes to see birds fleet.

I will ascend the mountain’s crest;

It dwarfs all peaks under my feet.

Gazing on Mount Tai, the poet seems to ascend in and dwarf all peaks under his feet.


“Gazing on Mount Tai” is an ancient poem in five lines written by Du Fu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. By depicting the majestic scenery of Mount Tai, the poem enthusiastically praises its lofty grandeur and magical beauty, revealing his love for the mountains and rivers of his country, and expressing the poet’s ambition and spirit of not being afraid of difficulties, daring to climb to the top, looking down on everything, and his ambition of being independent and helping the world.
In the first two lines, the poet writes that the mountain range of Mount Tai stretches far and wide; in the third and fourth lines, he writes that Mount Tai is majestic; in the fifth and sixth lines, the poet looks at the mountain from afar and sees the peaks and clouds, as if there are returning birds entering the valley. In the seventh and eighth lines, the poet imagines what he will see in the future and expresses his ambition.
The whole poem is unified by the word “look” in the title of the poem, and every line is about looking at the mountain, but there is not a single word “look” in the whole poem, and it gives people a sense of being in the place, which shows that the poet’s layout and artistic conception are exquisite and fantastic. Although the poem is far-reaching, the entire poem only shows the excitement of visiting famous mountains, without any trace of deliberate comparison. The poem has a strong and majestic atmosphere.

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