Du Fu Poem: Temple of the Premier of Shu – 杜甫《蜀相》













[1] 蜀相:三国时期蜀国的丞相诸葛亮,字孔明,山东琅玡人,曾辅佐刘备建立蜀国,使三国鼎立局面得以形成。

[2] 丞相祠堂:《三国志·蜀书》中记载,诸葛亮去世后被葬在汉中定军山上,因山为坟,蜀后主赐谥爵为“忠武侯”,后来又为他立了祠堂,成为“武侯祠”,位于今成都城南。

[3] 锦官城:成都的别称。

[4] “三顾”句:《三国志·蜀书》曾记载,刘备三顾茅庐向诸葛亮询问兴复汉室的计谋,诸葛亮由此出山,这里就指这一典故。三顾,诸葛亮《出师表》中称刘备“三顾臣于草庐之中”。天下计,指的是诸葛亮《隆中对》中所说东连孙权、北抗曹操、西取刘璋的计划。

[5] 两朝:指诸葛亮辅佐刘备建立蜀国,又辅佐刘禅坚守蜀国。

[6] “出师”句:《三国志·蜀书》记载,诸葛亮在刘备去世后,曾出岐山攻魏,想要成就“北定中原,兴复汉室”的大业,但是六出岐山,大业未竟,反因为身患重病,在五丈原军中去世。

Temple of the Premier of Shu

Du Fu

The Premier’s Temple’s in the shade

Of cypress woven with brocade.

The steps are green with grass in spring;

In vain amid leaves orioles sing.

Consulted thrice on state affair,

He served two reigns beyond compare.

He died before he won success.

Could heroes’ tears not wet their dress?

The premier of Shu was Zhuge Liang (181—234) and the Town of Brocade is Chengdu.


The poem “The Minister of Shu” is a poem written by the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu when he visited the Wuhou Temple the following year after settling in the Cao Tang Hall in Chengdu. The poem expresses the poet’s admiration for Zhuge Liang, the prime minister of the Shu Han Dynasty, for his great talent, his loyalty and service to his country, and his regret for his death before he was able to win the battle. The poem contains not only the concept of respecting Shu’s orthodoxy, but also the sentiment of hardship in time, and the sentiment of thinking of others. This seven-line poem has a twisting and turning style and is naturally compact. The first two lines are about the scenery, and the last two lines are about people, and they suddenly become somber. The whole poem goes from scenery to people, from looking for admiration to retrospection, from sighing and reminiscing to tearfulness, with several folds of frustration and grandeur. The poem is majestic and mournful, with a great power to shock people’s hearts.

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