Recommend the movie:北京遇上西雅图(Finding Mr.Right)



Used to be editor of Gourmet magazine editor Wen Jiajia (Tang Wei decoration) due to pregnancy to Seattle confinement center . Hao Zhi in Beijing famous heart surgery in a hospital doctor to take care of his daughter emigrated to United States , abandoned his medical career to the United States became a chauffeur-nannies in a confinement center Frank (Xiubo Wu ornaments) . A drizzle of Misty nights, airport “departure” Frank ran early to the United States was unfamiliar with pregnant Wen Jiajia . This looks very much detached from men and women, and gradually wipe out of the wonderful spark of life chances both of the resulting change .



1. 只要我们住在彼此心里,死亡也不能让我们分离。
To live in hearts,we leaves iare not to die.



2. 真正的富有不是银行卡上的数字,而是你脸上的幸福的微笑。
Really rich not the number on the card, but a happy smile on your face.



3.他也许不会带我去坐游艇吃法餐, 但是他可以每天早晨都为我跑几条街去买我最爱吃的豆浆油条。
He’s the greatest guy in the world.Maybe he can’t afford expensive dinners or yachts, but every morning he’d walk for blocks just to get my favorite breakfast, soy milk and fried twist bread.



Much less money is not important, it is important to find a good man loves you to care for with great solicitude bosom.



Three of the happiest words in the world is: be together.


豆浆dòujiānɡ:soy milk;
油条yóutiáo:fried twis.

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