Liu Zongyuan Poem: Rocky Hills Viewed Together with Abbot Haochu – 柳宗元《与浩初上人同看山寄京华亲故》









[1] 上人:和尚的尊称。

[2] 京华:京城。

[3] 海畔:畔,边。柳州在南方,距海较近,故称海畔。

[4] 剑铓:剑锋,剑的顶部尖锐部分。

[5] 若为:怎能。

Rocky Hills Viewed Together with Abbot Haochu

Liu Zongyuan

The seaside rocky hills look sharp like sword or dart;

They thrust out when autumn comes to cut and break my heart.

If I could be transformed into rocks, I would stand

Atop a thousand peaks to watch for my homeland.

The poet wishes to be transformed into a rock to watch for his homeland far away.


The poem “Rocky Hills Viewed Together with Abbot Haochu” is a poem written by the Tang Dynasty writer Liu Zongyuan. The poem expresses the author’s deep longing for his hometown, and at the same time expresses his indignation and injustice at being deported. The first two lines use a sword as a metaphor for the mountain peaks, saying that they cut people’s sorrowful hearts. The last two lines of the poem further create a strange fantasy from the craggy and sword-like peaks. The author’s sorrow and sadness of relegation to his hometown are expressed in just twenty-eight words, with a strong artistic impact.

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