Meng Haoran Poem: Seeing Du Fourteenth off to the East – 孟浩然《送杜十四之江南》









[1] 杜十四:杜晃,作者的朋友。

[2] 之:往。

[3] 荆吴:这里泛指江南。荆是古代楚国的别称,在今湖北、湖南一带。吴,古国名,在今江苏、浙江一带。

[4] 春江:泛指江南一带春来水满的江河。

[5] 渺茫:烟波辽阔的样子。

[6] 泊:靠岸停留。

[7] 天涯:天边。

Seeing Du Fourteenth off to the East

Meng Haoran

The east and west are joined by boundless water clear;

On the endless spring river goes the boat you steer.

Where will you moor it at sunset far, far apart?

Can I not gaze far, far away with broken heart!

The poet speaks of his longing for his friend at parting.


The poem “Seeing Du Fourteenth off to the East” is a seven-part poem written by Meng Haoran in the Tang Dynasty. The poem begins with a scene, and through the strong contrast between the vast spring river and a lone boat, it asks a question with deep emotion, in which the poet’s concern and attachment for his friend are expressed to the fullest. The poet looks at the distant boats, and the senders look at the end of the world, but they can’t see anything, so they can’t help but feel like the spring river, surging with emotion. The poem ends with a climax of “broken heart”, in which the poet ends the poem with a long and endless parting of sorrow and hate. The poem is written in prose stanzas, like running clouds and flowing water, almost in the style of a song, which is rich in rhythm.

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