Sink and Emerge 浮沉 ~ Chinese Movies&TV


A 700 million contract kicked off the state-owned enterprises reform and capital operation. Wang Guilin, the factory director,and Yu Zhide, the deputy director had different ideas about restructuring. Wang made every effort to use the 700 million yuan in balancing the plant development and employees’ interests. Yu wanted to use market-based means. Under the pressure of the global financial crisis, two companies Seth and SC were in a competition for the contract. Qiao Li, a green hand of Seth’s sales department, was the one being pushed to the forefront. She was taken advantage of by her bosses to challenge Wang constantly while facing the test of her bottom line. At last, Yu was jailed because of his greediness and Wang took the responsibility of reconstruction.
Key words:
国企ɡuó qǐ:government-owned corporation
资本zī běn:capital
明争暗斗mínɡ zhēnɡ àn dòu:strife openly and secretly

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