Du Fu Poem: Spring on the Southern Rivershore – 杜牧《江南春》









[1] 酒旗:俗称“酒望子”。是酒家的标志。

[2] 南朝:指宋、齐、梁、陈四朝,南朝皇帝大都迷信佛教。

Spring on the Southern Rivershore

Du Mu

Orioles sing for miles amid red blooms and green trees;

By hills and rills wine shop streamers wave in the breeze.

Four hundred eighty splendid temples still remain

Of Southern Dynasties in the mist and rain.

This quatrain shows the poet’s admiration of the splendor of the Southern Rivershore.


“Spring on the Southern Rivershore” is a seven-part poem written by Du Mu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The poem not only depicts the bright spring light of Jiangnan, but also recreates the scenery of the smoky and drizzly buildings in Jiangnan, making the scenery of Jiangnan more magical and enchanting. The enchanting Jiangnan, with the poet’s delicate brushwork, becomes even more exciting. The four lines of this poem are all scenic, with many images and scenery, including plants and animals, sounds and colors, and scenery from near and far, combining movement and stillness, each with its own characteristics. The poem depicts a vivid, colorful and bold picture of spring in the south of the Yangtze River in a light-hearted and generalized language, presenting a deep and beautiful mood and expressing a deep and subtle thought, which has been well known for thousands of years.

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