Wang Wei Poem: Thinking of My Brothers on Mountain-climbing Day – 王维《九月九日忆山东兄弟》









[1] 山东:指华山以东。

[2] 登高:古代风俗,重阳节要登高饮酒。

[3] 茱萸(zhū yú):一种有香味的植物。《太平御览》引《风土记》云:“俗于此日……折茱萸以插头,言辟热气而御初寒。”

Thinking of My Brothers on Mountain-climbing Day

Wang Wei

Alone, a lonely stranger in a foreign land,

I doubly pine for my kinsfolk on holiday.

I know my brothers would, with dogwood spray in hand,

Climb up the mountain and miss me so far away.

It was believed in China that to climb up mountains and carry dogwood spray on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month could drive evil spirits away.


The poem “Thinking of My Brothers on Mountain-climbing Day” is a poem written by Wang Wei, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. This poem expresses the homesickness and nostalgia of a wanderer. At the beginning of the poem, the poem is closely related to the title, writing about the loneliness and desolation of living in a foreign land, so that one is always nostalgic for one’s hometown and misses others. The poem then leaps forward to write about a brother who is far away from home and is thinking of himself when he ascends to the heights according to the customs of the Chrysanthemum Festival. The poem’s meaning is repeatedly leaping, subtle and deep, both simple and natural, but also twisted and refined, among which the phrase “thinking of one’s relatives on every festive day” is famous for thousands of years.

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