Wang Anshi: Prelude to a Thousand Autumns ~ 《千秋岁引》 王安石 with English Translations


小编导读:《千秋岁引》是北宋王安石 所著的一首诗,此词的创作年代不详,但从词的情调来看,很可能是王安石推行新法失败、退居金陵后的晚年作品,因为它没有《桂枝香》的豪雄慷慨,也没有《浪淘沙令》的踌躇满志。全词采用虚实相间的手法,情真心切、恻恻动人、空灵婉曲地反映了作者积极的人生中的另一面,抒发了功名误身、及时退隐的的慨叹。

《千秋岁引》 王安石



Prelude to a Thousand Autumns
Wang Anshi

Heard at the hostel, washerwomen’s sigh
And painted horn on lonely tower high,
There autumnal songs rise and melt in boundless sky.
Returning swallows fly toward the eastern seas;
Upon the beach alight the south-going wild geese.
The king’s refreshing breeze,
The poet’s moonlit tower, each appears
The same as those in bygone years.

Why should I be enthralled by wealth and fame?
Why should I be delayed by quenchless flame?
How I regret I have neglected love of beauty!
I deemed it then to build a monument my duty;
How can I fulfill now
O my miscarried vow!
A wake from wine and dreams,
My thoughts would flow in streams.

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