Wang Wei – On the Mountain Holiday Thinking of my Brothers in Shandong





[唐] 王维





On the Mountain Holiday Thinking of my Brothers in Shandong

All alone in a foreign land,

I am twice as homesick on this day.

When brothers carry dogwood up the mountain,

Each of them a branch — and my branch missing.

—— Tr. by Witter Bynner

Thinking of my Brothers on Mountain Climbing Day

Alone, a lonely stranger in a foreign land,

I doubly pine for kinsfolk on a holiday.

I know my brothers would, with dogwood spray in hand,

Climb up mountain and miss me so far away.

—— Tr. by X. Y. Z. (许渊冲)

On Double Ninth Day Thinking of my Brothers at Home

A lonely stranger in a foreign land I’m cast,

Sore sick for my dears on every festive day.

By now my brothers must some heights have passed,

But a cornel wearer missing’ll damp the day.

—— Tr. by Wang Baotong(王宝童)

Thinking of my Brothers on the Double Ninth Festival in the East of Mount Hua

All alone in a strange land,

How I long for my folks on this festive day!

I imagine my brothers climb up a hill, dogwood on heads,

And all except me merrily go their way.

—— Tr. by Feng Huazhan(丰华瞻)

Thinking of My Brothers in Shandong on the Double Ninth Festival

A stranger in a strange land on each holiday,

I think of my kinsmen with a double care.

I know when my brothers wear medicine bags,

At the heights, they would find one to spare.

—— Tr. by Chen Junpu(陈君朴)

Nostalgia for my brothers on the Double Ninth Day

In an alien land, being a solitary alien guest,

I miss most my kin when comes the festival bright,

And think on the hill my brothers must feel distressed,

To find, when wearing a dogwood sprig, one not in sight.

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