Wen Tianxiang: Drinking to the Moon on the River ~ 《酹江月》 文天祥 with English Translations



《酹江月》 文天祥



Drinking to the Moon on the River
Wen Tianxiang

Immense is the universe.
Could dragons be imprisoned in pools so small?
How can we stay in wind and rain,
In grief and pain?
How can we bear
Cold crickets’ chirp at the foot of the wall?
Where is the hero, spear in hand, crooning his verse?
And where’s the talents’ owner? All
Has vanished like snow in the air.
Seeing the river
Running forever,
We need not fear
No hero would appear.

Alas! Like wafting leaves, you and I,
We come again to River Huai,
When the cold breeze begins to blow.
In the mirror we find a face aged in woe,
But still unchanged is our loyal heart.
Now for the northern desert we start;
Turning our head,
We see a hairlike stretch of land outspread.
If my old friend should think of me.
Listen to the wailing cuckoo on the moonlit tree!

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