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Write”炎”(scorching) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “炎”.

炎 yán  
Explnantion: scorching
Phrases: 炎热 (yán rè)scorching; blazing ; 炎夏(yán xià) hot summer
一看这个字( )便知道和火有关,而且火还烧得很旺呢,所以就指“烈火”,同时它也有“燃烧”的意思。
Two fires combined together, one atop the other, like flames licking the sky ( ), represents the idea of “a roaring fire.” This is the original meaning of炎. Then it was extended to mean “burn”; from “burn” it was also extended to mean “burning hot”, as in 赤日炎炎 (chì rí yán yán: “the scorching sun”).


Yánrè de tiānqì ràng rén jué de xiōngkǒu fāmèn.
The hot weather in summer makes me feel suffocated.


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