Write “上”(up;upper;above) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “上”.

上 shàng
Explanation: above; upper
Phrases: 上班(shànɡ bān) go to work ; 上当(shànɡ dànɡ) be taken in;be fooled


“上”字是由上下两条横线( )组成,下面那条是地平线;上面那条是“在地平线之上”的意思,后来

则变成了( )。

The form of上on the oracle bones was represented by two horizontal lines ( ); the one below indicates the “horizon” and the one above indicates “above the horizon”. Later the form of the upper horizontal line was stylized a little ( ), and the meaning of the character has also become clearer.


1.Shàngbān lùshàng,wǒ gāngqiǎo pèngdào le tā.
It so happened that I met him on my way to work.


2.Tā ěrcōngmùmíng,jíshǎo shàngdàng.
He has his wits about him and is rarely fooled.
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