Write “中”(middle) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “中”.

中 zhōng  
Explnantion: middle
Phrases: 中等(zhōnɡ děnɡ) middle; medium ; 中心(zhōnɡ xīn)center; language
从“中”的字形( ),便能猜到它有中间的意思。外部的“口”表示一定的范围,而( )便是放在“口”的正中间,表示不会超出其范围。
中 is also a pictograph character which shows a pole with some decorative streams ( ), which some people say it was army flag in ancient times among files and ranks. In the middle there is a 口 indicating where the center is.


1.Yīngdāng ràng tā jiēshòu zhōng děng jiàoyù hòu zài cānjiā gōngzuò.
He should have a secondary education beforing working.


2.Shìzhèngfǔ juédìng zài shì zhōng xīn jiàn yìtiáo píngān dàdào.
The municipal government decided to construct a main road in the downtown area.
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