Write “习”(learn) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “习”.

习 xí  
Explnantion: learn
Phrases: 习惯(xí ɡuàn) habit;custom  ;习题(xí tí) exercises (in school work)
繁体的“习”字的上半部,是一个“习”字,像小鸟的翅膀( )。而下半部( )原本是“日”字,后来变做“白”字。两部分合起来就是说鸟儿在太阳底太学飞。学习是需要重复练习的,所以后来“习”字又有了“习惯”的意思。
This is a very interesting character. The perceptive reader may have already noticed that the upper part of this non-simplified character is a (  ) which we have learned means “feathers” or “wings”. The lower part of the character  (  )indicates the sun. The two parts together means a bird trying to learn how to fly under the sun and thus derives the meaning of “learn”.


1.Bùguīlǜ de yǐnshí xíguàn,jīngcháng yòufā chángwèibìng.
Irregular eating habits often lead to bowel disorders.


2.Tā xiàng kěn gǔtou sì de kěn nàxiē liànxítí.
He keeps working on those exercises.
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