Write “交”(cross; associate with) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “交”.

交 jiāo
Explanation:cross; associate with; hand over
Phrases:交叉(jiāo chā) intersect;cross  交换(jiāo huàn) exchange
象形字的“交”,是一个男人交叉着腿站着( ),本来有交腿而坐的意思。后来发展出来的意义,又多了“交给”、“交往”等含义。
This pictograph shows a man standing with his legs crossed ().The original meaning for it was “to cross the feet”. Later, it was extended to mean “associate with”, as in 交朋友(jiāo péng yǒu: make friends) or “hand over and take over” as in 交货(jiāo huò: delivery) etc.


1.Lìtǐ jiāochā de jiāotōng dàolù shèzhì shǐ jiāotōng dǔsè xiàn xiàng dédào le yídìng chéngdù de huǎnjiě.
    The setting of three dimensional roads has reduced traffic jams to some extent.


2.Wǒ hé tā jiāohuànle zuòwèi.
   I swapped my seat with her.
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