Write 人(people) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “人”.

人 rén
Explanation:  human being; person; people
Phrases: 人格(rén ɡé) personality  ;人民(rén mín) people
最古老的甲骨文里,“人”字有头,有手,还有脚( ),后来这字渐渐简化成只有两只脚的“人”,不过就算是这个样子,当我们一看见这字,依然觉得它像一个人。中国汉字就这样神奇,有时看形状就知道它的意义。
The earliest known pictographs of this very important character showed the figure of a person in profile – head, hands, and legs ( ). This evolved stylistically towards the present form, two strokes that appear to show the legs in frontal view. The original pictographs may suggest an insight man’s evolution from the anthropoids-or even earlier forms of life-and this, in turn, suggests a link with prehistoric knowledge now all but lost to us .


1.Shuāngchóngréngé de rén zài bùtóng de huánjìng xià huì yǒu bùtóng de biǎoxiàn.
People with a double personality will behave differently in different circumstances.


2.Wǒ guó rénmín shēnghuó zài yígè zhèngtōng rénhé de shèhuì huánjìng zhōng.
People in our country are living in a harmonious society where the policies are enforced smoothly, and the people are united.
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