Write “令”(order) in Chinese character


One character a day, it is easy to master Chinese characters day by day. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “令”.

令 lìng
Explanation: order
Phrases: 口令(kǒu lìnɡ) password;watchword ; 命令(mìnɡ lìnɡ) (an) order or command
In ancient script, the top half of 令 is a large wooden bell. In ancient times, people would often swing large wooden bells to signal military commands. The bottom half of the character is a man kneeling dawn (  ), which signifies that he is receiving orders. The original meaning of 令 is to send signals and orders or give commands. It can also refer either to a person who issues orders or to the orders issued themselves, or example :法令(decree) and 军令 (military order). In addition, 令 may denote a period of time or season of the year, as with the following: 夏令 (summer; summer weather) and 冬令 (winter; winter weather).


Sīlìngguān xià le mìnglìng, língchén fāqǐ zǒnggōng.
The commander ordered that we make a general attack before dawn.
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