Write “众”(many; numerous) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “众”.

众 zhòng  
Explnantion: many; numerous
Phrases: 众人(zhònɡ rén) everybody  ;众望(zhònɡ wànɡ) people’s expectations
从“众”( )的甲骨文中,你能看出在太阳( )的下面有三个人( )正在弯下腰工作吗?有趣的是太阳后来变成了一只眼睛( )在看着很多人工作,所以“众”就是“很多”的意思。
Referring once again to ancient inscriptions found on the oracle bones, we find that 众 was comprised of tow parts: the upper part is “the sun” (  )and the lower part represents three people bending over working( ), this being the original form and meaning of 众. As it developed through time the sun above the three people turned into an eye shape (  ), seeming to suggest a big eye watching over many people working. So “many” is the original meaning of 众.

1.Zài zhòngrén de yǎnlǐ,tā jiǎnzhí bǎiwúyíshì.
In many people’s eyes, he is as good as useless.
2.Wǒ yídìng yào búfù zhòngwàng,qǔdé zuìhòu de shènglì.
I will live up to your expectations and be victorious.
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