Write “力”(power;strength) in Chinese character


One character a day, it is easy to master Chinese characters day by day. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “力”.

力 lì
Explanation: power; strength
Phrases: 力量(lì liànɡ) physical strength;power;force ; 力图(lì tú) try hard to;strive to
在甲骨文里,“力”字就像古时的犁( ),而象形字的“力”也可以用作动词“耕”的意思。这个字告诉我们:农耕是需要力气的。
From the oracle bones we can see that the original form of ( ) is like an ancient plough; the upper part, which curves at the bottom, is the wooden handle of a plough, and the lower part is its iron head. 力 is a pictogragh of a plough and was used as the verb “to plough a field”. Since ploughing the field requires strength, 力 then was used to express the meaning “force”, “power” or “strength”.


1.Zhè yìquán lìliàng hěn dà.
That was a very powerful punch.


2.The new government strove to solve the economic crisis.
The new government strove to solve the economic crisis.
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