Write “去”(go) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “去”.

去 qù  
Explanation: go; leave
Phrases: 去路(qù lù) outlet  ;去年(qù nián) last year
甲骨文中,“去”字分为两部分:上半部是一个人( ),下半的部是一个口( )或( )。古时的人住在洞穴里,从洞穴口离去,就有“离开”的意思。
去 was comprised of two parts in the oracle bones: the upper part was originally a person (  ), and the lower part was a mouth (  )or (  ). This indicated that a person had left the mouth of a cave. So the original meaning of “to leave”, but it has also been extended to mean “to go” or “to remove” , etc.


1.dǎngzhù mǒurén de qùlù
block someone’s way


2.Wǒmen qùnián qùle Xīlà.
Last year we went to Greece.
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