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Write 口(mouth) in Chinese character


One character a day, it is easy to master Chinese characters day by day. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “口”.

口 kŏu
Explanation: Mouth
Phrases: 口才(kǒu cái) eloquence  ; 口味(kǒu wèi) personal taste
“口”字在象形字中,画了一张快乐的嘴( ),这便是“口”的原来意思。口是人用来说话和吃东西的器官,它后来又有了“张开”和“人口”意思。
This is a pictograph of a mouth with happy corners. The original meaning of is “mouth”, and from this meaning it is extended to represent 人口 (rén kǒu: “person’s mouth”— “population”). “五口之家” (wǔ kǒu zhī jiā) “family of five mouths” means “a family with five persons”. In addition, also means “opening”.


1.He is good at debating, so we call him “orator”.
He is good at debating, so we call him “orator”.
2.Tā zuòcài kǒuwèi búcuò.
She cooks delicious food.


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