Write “吉”(lucky; auspicious) in Chinese character


One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “吉”.

吉 jí
Explanation:lucky; auspicious; propitious
Phrases:吉利(jí lì ) lucky  ; 吉庆(jí qìng) auspicious;propitious
细看,“吉”(  )的上部是一件兵器( ),下部是用来储存兵器的器皿( ),要是人们不再使用兵器,停止战争,就没有战祸所带来的灾害。没有战争的地方,人们便能过安定、和平的生活,是一件“吉”事。
In the oracle bones, the upper part of this character is like a weapon  and the lower part is like a utensil  used to store weapons. The combination of these two implies that when weapons are stored away, they are not being used, so there are fewer wars and less danger.


Chuánshuō lǎoguā shì zhǒng bùjílì de niǎo,qíshí nà zhǐshì dàjiā de yìzhǒng míxìn.
It is a superstitious tradition that corvine is inauspicious.
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